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Space at ACE

Prototyping and validation centre for new technology

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Get your idea off the ground with the Space at ACE!

ACE is a proven development centre known for excellence in engineering, testing and prototyping. Our partnership with Durham College, FastStart and Spark looks to provide easy access to state-of-the-art facilities and engineering and technological expertise to innovative startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local businesses that wish to develop and grow. The goal is to enable businesses to thrive, allowing for the building, testing and validation of their products.

ACE has both lab and workshop space, which is available for businesses to explore and solve design challenges as they progress into the physical development of their product.  

Student-led startups from UOIT's Brilliant Entrepreneurship program and Durham College's FastStartDC program can also have access to testing, validation and design services that are unique among university and college campuses. 

The lab

ACE is home to extensive high-tech lab space that facilitates exploration and problem solving by providing key resources to companies in the design stages of their product. Our labs are ideal for companies with a need to build and test electrical, electronic, mechanical, mechatronic or control technologies. Innovations that can be refined in the lab space include products related to unmanned aerial vehicles, energy-efficiency technologies or autonomous vehicles.

The workshop

Along with advanced lab space, ACE makes a fully equipped workshop available to businesses. It contains more than $1 million of advanced-fabricating equipment, including numerically controlled mills and lathes, welding equipment, hand tools and injection-molding machines. This workshop is supported by students of Durham College and the team of skilled fabricators, designers and engineers at ACE. Our knowledgeable staff have the ability to leverage these assets and build just about anything for anyone, from students to startups, SMEs and the local business community.  

Space at ACE removes existing barriers to accessing early-stage engineering and technology advisory services. Give us a a sketch of your requirements and we will provide design input, aid in the sourcing of materials, and build it for you. ACE will turn your idea into a reality—affordably.

Machine Shop Picture Collection


  • Lathes

    Lathe in Workshop

    Lathes have a wide range of applications and can used to:

    • Reduce the diameter of cylindrical pieces made of material such as metals, plastics and wood.
    • Cut threads into pieces, e.g. cutting threads to make screws.
    • Part/cut pieces to desired lengths.
    • Face pieces to creating flat edges at exact lengths.
    • Drill/bore into pieces, e.g. creating a tube.
    • Cut pieces on precise angles.
  • Radial arm drill

    Radial Arm Drill

    Radial arm drills can be used to quickly and efficiently drills holes of varying depths and diameters in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastic and wood. Radial arm drills have interchangeable bits and culets to create different types of holes, e.g. holes for screws. They can drill holes ranging in diameter from fortieths of an inch to 2.5 inches.

  • Mills