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John Komar

John Kumar - Director, Engineering and Operations

MEng, PEng
Director, Engineering and Operations


John directs all aspects of the ACE business, including:

  • academic collaborative research and development
  • business development
  • business management
  • engineering
  • finance
  • industry engagement
  • operations

In the early years of ACE, John led and was responsible for the final design, build, completion and startup of the $100 million-plus project. He was integral to the development of the ACE business case and continues to direct the business plan and financial management of ACE, including key partnership negotiations and relationships.

He works with Don Toporowski, General Manager, and Gary Elfstrom, Business Development Consultant, to grow, diversify and foster new opportunities and market segments for ACE. He also works closely with Toporowski to strengthen ACE’s utilization for product commercialization, diversification, education, research and the local community engagement.

Prior to joining the university, John worked for General Motors of Canada where he was Industry Lead for the ACE project, overseeing the design, development and construction of all aspects of the ACE facility. He has more than 36 years of industry experience, including:

  • design quality engineering
  • directing and managing proving grounds
  • engineering build operations>
  • engineering design and validation
  • engineering documentation
  • precision inspection
  • support shops

He has extensive and diverse experience in manufacturing engineering from components to final assembly. His international experience includes multiple assignments all over the globe for international business case development, due diligence investigations, startup of new operations, manufacturing engineering, product design and product validation/testing.

John has won a number of awards. He has authored, and continues to contribute, technical research papers on a variety of topics, including automotive research and development. He is a graduate of Kettering University in Flint, Michigan and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where he earned a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree.

John Komar
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